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War Zone

David Gilkey from Lifepoint Church in White Plains, KY brings us this military/war themed stage design.

It was military themed so they decided to create a battle field. Wooden posts were put at the corners of the stage, then barbed wire was wrapped across the top and connected to each post. A member of the church brought in authentic ammo boxes. A camo blind cloth was bought at Walmart for 10 dollars. Some fake plants were placed around. And fake sandbags helped to tie it all together. The sandbags were made by stuffing tan pillow cases with polyfill.

Two barricades were made by draping tan sheets over chairs and then spray painting them to look like bricks. They also found a few pieces of junk that resembled shrapnel. After placing everything it was finished off with red lighting and fog.







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  1. Wale Samson says:

    I need more war stage set

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