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Web of Lines

Katie Kregel from Trinity Church in Lansing, MI brings us these webs of string with square panels tangled inside.

They had an original vision for the stage, but midway through the project they realized it wouldn’t work. They already had the 9-foot by 12-foot 2×4 frames build. When they added the web of kite string (already owners) and window grids the plan fell together.

Budget: $200.


  • Eight 2×4’s
  • Fencing Staples
  • Kite String
  • Window grids
  • Black Fabric
  • Black spray paint
  • Lacquer spray paint
  • LED Color Lights

They made the frames out of 2x4s then covered them in black fabric that matched their black curtain. nd then cover in black fabric that matched our black curtain. They took fencing staples and hammered them in about 3 inches apart. Taking the kite string, they strung the string through the staples in a random order and continued the process until the desired “fullness” was achieved. After spray painting the window grids, they hung them a foot or so in front of the strings and at different angles. The web of grids was lit using LED lights from the bottom and using their intelligent lights to create patterns on the strings.

Swags Parallel Bulbs

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  1. Rick Foster says:

    What are the specifics on the LED intelligent lights you used for up-lighting?

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