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Weird Love

Kristine Corona and her team at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines brings us this super cool mechanical heart.

They did this series for their youth last February. The art was inspired by Christina Aguilera’s album, “Bionic”, which shows a weird robotic design that sits inside a weird heart.

The two largest gears in the heart were rotating in opposite directions. This was made possible by using the small rotating machine in small disco balls and attaching them to the gears to make them move. Cool!

Materials used:

  1. Rubber Mat
  2. Tin Cans
  3. Metal Sheet
  4. Empty Bottles
  5. Red, Gold, and Silver Spray Paint
  6. Disco Ball Light

Total cost: 120 dollars.

.oO Nice Tri

3 responses to “Weird Love”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Very cool and creative! Great job guys! I wish materials here were as cheap as there in Manila. Keep it up!

  2. Vincent says:

    That is pretty awesome.

  3. Jen Tribble says:

    what did you make the gears out of? Cardboard?

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