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3d Lettérs

Orlando Palagallo from Cumbre Nacional de Lideres Especialidades Juveniles 2013 in Puerto Rico brings us these 3d letters for their conference.

They started by creating the 3d letters out of foam then painting them. To attach the accent mark they used some wire. Cool!


  • 4 Chauvet Beam Led 350
  • 4 Chauvet Q-Wash Led
  • 4 Chauvet Legend 3000
  • 2 Martin Magnum 2500 hazer
  • 1 chauvet Nimbus low fog
  • 4 Par 64 slim Led
  • 4 Box Truss
  • 4 Toshiba 32″ LCD TV’s







Candles and Horizontals Mountain of Umbrellas

5 responses to “3d Lettérs”

  1. Orlando Palagallo says:


  2. MISAEL says:

    WOW, GOOD JOB!!!!

  3. Too bad you could not have suspended the cutout logo from the ceiling. Great lighting design.

  4. Nathan Fox says:

    How much was the foam?

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