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Free E-book: Ready-Made Stage Designs

In 2012 I put together a free e-book that helps stage designers figure out where to start. That’s been downloaded close to 10,000 times. And well, it was about time I create another one.

Announcing: Ready-Made Stage Designs. This free e-book has five great options for ready-made stages, perfect for when you need something last-minute or don’t have a lot of energy to put into building something yourself. This works as a continuation to the “starter designs” e-book, or can stand alone as its own starter kit. Grab the free e-book by entering your email address below.

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String Trees and White Branches Great Gears

22 responses to “Free E-book: Ready-Made Stage Designs”

  1. PI says:

    Thank you so much for the e-book!!

    It was very helpful and gave me a lot of options

    God bless!!

  2. jessika graff says:

    i cannot seem to download the ebook. nothing happens after i put my email and click the “Get E-book”. can you email it?

  3. Julian Gomez says:

    i cannot seem to download the ebook.
    Nothing happens when i put my email and click the “Get E-book”. can you email it?

  4. Yuni says:

    i cannot seem to download the ebook. nothing happens after i put my email and click the “Get E-book”. can you email it?

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      I’m showing that the email sent with the download link. Check to make sure it didn’t go into a spam folder.

      • Cecile San Jose says:

        Hi Jonathan. I’m having problem downloading this ebook. nothing happens when i click download ebook. will you be able to send it to my email?

  5. Ifedapo says:

    Hello, I’m having the same problem as above.

  6. Carl Wilson says:

    Nothing happens when I try to get ebook

  7. Jephte Zata says:

    a huge thanks, these ideas really helps.

  8. JC says:

    Nothing happened. Ditto from above comments.

  9. rafael Barandas says:

    Iam trying to download the “Free E-book: Ready-Made Stage Designs” and seems to be impossible.

    Can u sent me by email, pls?

  10. Raul Fernandez says:

    Hi. I can’t download it. Can you help me sending it by mail, please?
    God bless you bother.

  11. Joseph Bennett says:

    I can’t get the ebook sign up information to go through.

  12. Débora says:

    Não consigo baixar o e-book…

  13. Ezekiel says:

    Pls can i get the ebook
    This is my mail

  14. Dave Steeves says:

    Nothing happens when I click the button after entering my information.

  15. Abraham says:

    Thank u so much, God bless you always!

    From indonesia😇😇🙏

  16. roberto Baasilio Delgado says:

    Estoy tratando de descargar el “Libro electrónico gratuito: diseños de escenario listos para usar” me urge .

    ¿Me pueden enviar por correo electrónico, por favor? roberto.bade@hotmail.com.

  17. Cyril Millett says:

    Like so many others I can get the ebook!

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