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String Trees and White Branches

Cody Sifford from Pawleys Island Community Church in Pawleys Island, SC brings us this awesome Christmas look.

From Cody: This was our Christmas-season set.

For the real trees, these are actually branches off of larger trees that were in abundant supply thanks to a recent hurricane. They were each painted with flat white spray paint. While painting, someone followed behind with large flake silver glitter which made the trees sparkle. Then they were potted in a 5 gallon bucket with half a bag of quikrete. We wrapped the bucket in brown burlap. Strung white Christmas lights.

The string trees:
Bases were made from irrigation tubing to create hoops. Connected with irrigation tube couplers to make 2 6 foot diameter and the center 8ft diameter. I then hung D rings from a rope above. Then, taking white yarn, we tied to the hoop base and with someone on a ladder, fed the yarn through the bottom loop back to the hanging D ring and back down through the hoop.
This is a VERY time consuming process. You have to make sure your spacing and tension remain even the whole way around. Eventually it will want to pull the hoop bases off the ground. I taped bricks to the hoops to keep this from happening. A few LED bars and pars to light everything and we were set.

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12 responses to “String Trees and White Branches”

  1. Lawrence Metzler says:

    Very impressive staging! Can you tell me how you did the lighting on the string trees? Is it all overhead lighting?

  2. Eric says:

    Nice Job!

    Can you tell me if you made the base of the trees a complete circle? If not, do you think these would work with a 1/2 or 3/4 completed circle?


    • Cody says:

      I did make a complete circle. I used flexible irrigation tubing with a coupler to complete. You could do a partial cone, but seeing the back side through the front adds much more dimension.

      • Eric says:

        Okay, thanks for the info, I think making a complete circle is the only way to go.
        Can you tell me if you used actual “yarn” or was it some other type of white string/twine? Your trees just seem to have the best look of any I’ve seen done.

        Thanks again!

        • cody says:

          Thanks Eric. It is just plain white yarn from wal-mart. Just make sure you get the brightest and whitest you can find. It also really helps to have against a black background.

  3. Joshua says:

    Cody how y’all was your 8’ diameter tree? Looking at doing one approx 18’ tall. Did you assemble it standing up and approx how long did it take to build the tallest?

  4. Loree says:

    ? I dont quite understand the string u tie to one side pull it up through the ring and down to tie to the opposite side of the ring?

  5. Jena Cumming says:

    LOVE this design! Going to do the white branches this Christmas at our church. Was wondering if you could actually see the glitter from the congregation. I love the idea of adding it but just want to make sure it will be seen.

  6. AMIR VILENSKY says:


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