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Rob Cartwright, Paul Irminger, and Emily Norviel from Union Chapel in Muncie, IN brings us this cool 3D perspective design.

They did a series called Life in 3D and wanted a stage design that would incorporate a 3D perspective, but not require glasses to view it.

They created a design of different shapes using concrete tube forms ($9 each at Lowes) and a cardboard box with frames made of 2×4’s and a background made of insulation foam ($13 at Lowes). Everything was painted white, then the logo was projected onto the objects, traced, and painted. The entire cost was about $120.

They showed a video at the beginning of service that was a time lapse of the building process, then ended with the camera panning around from the side to the center so the congregation would understand the design if they were sitting on the sides.





Power Lines Cross, Crown, Tomb

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  1. Jason moore says:

    Amazing cool! Love the video too

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