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5 Worship Slide Design Ideas

Here are another five worship slide designs you can use this week at your church. (I’m using three of these this week, then two next.) All of the worship backgrounds are from Visual Media Church. You can either buy the packs individually if you want to mimic this exact look ($10-15 per pack) or just get a $25/month membership and get all their motion packs. I’ve included font information as well as a description of what I’m doing beyond just this single slide look and what extra elements I’m using in the typography. Enjoy!

Song: Here as in Heaven
Font: Helvetica Neue LT Std
Background: Oceans (#6)
Design Details: To design this look, you’ll want to make a ProPresenter template that includes two separate text boxes and a tiny white line to separate. The key is to make sure your stack arrangements are correct so the words show up correctly on Stage Display…and make sure the lines are separated enough that it reads without being confusing.

Song: Never Gonna Stop Singing
Font: Bebas Neue
Background: Desert (#4)
Design Details: I love the idea of highlighting certain words with a simple highlight box. The Hex value of the box is “eab887” with this design. You don’t have to highlight a word in each line… Not even on word on each slide. Just highlight the ones that you want to emphasize that morning.

Song: King of My Heart
Font: Heading Compressed Pro
Background: Rushing Water (#16)
Design Details: It’s rare that I don’t do anything with a motion background. But this one is perfect by itself. Simple motion. Beautiful, abstract design. Great contrast with text.

Song: So Will I (100 Billion X)
Font: Helvetica Neue LT Std
Background: Spin (#14)
Design Details: I also rarely go with three lines on a slide, but I like making this song more blocky. I also wanted to add the concept of infinity behind this motion background, so there’s a blurred black line in the center of the rotation. You can download that PNG here.

Song: Only King Forever
Font: Heading Compressed Pro
Background: Burst (#22)
Design Details: Create a new template with centered text and two boxes at 80% opacity with the Hex colors: 0b3839 and 153356. Make sure to use the longest line in the song to make your template so you don’t have to adjust it later.  (This is the longest line in the song: Kingdoms once strong now shaken.

Whatya think? Could you see yourself using these slide designs in your services? What would you tweak? Share in a comment below.

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