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50 Shades of Glass

Lee Coate from The Crossing in Las Vegas, NV brings us this ancient/future look, mixing truss and stained glass.

They created the stain glass from sheets of plexiglass. Their volunteers took different sized sheets of plexiglass and turned them into stained glass.

  1. The glass look was laid out using thin gaff tape.
  2. Colored cellophone (purchased online in bulk) was then cut to fit the design. Gaff tape was used to tape this down which also created a thicker edge to each different color of “glass”.
  3. The stained glass was mounted onto 16′ truss standards. White foam core was hung on the back side of the truss to create a light box.
  4. Lighting was simple LED par cans.

They built smaller versions that they placed behind their main speaker/worship leader center stage.

The coolest thing is that the colored lights actually turned the various colors of stained glass into different shades of blues, red, etc.

Midsummer Night's Porch Reflection

7 responses to “50 Shades of Glass”

  1. Andy Krieger says:

    Really nice look!

  2. Greg Springer says:

    Talk about flexibility! I love the color changing affect using the LED pars!

    I’m sharing this with my team!

  3. mark says:

    can you give more information on how this was lighted? was their lighting behind the screens? only pars from the bottom? above?

    • Lee Coate says:

      Sorry Mark – just saw your ask –

      We had to mess with it a bit but it turned out to be pretty simple. We sealed the back side of the truss box with white coroplast. The par can led lights (2 per) we then mounted to the bottom and uplighted into the space between the plexiglass stain glass and the white coroplast.

  4. Amy says:

    Could you share what thickness the plexi was that you used?

  5. Nathan Huse says:

    where did you purchase the Cellophane?

  6. Nathan Huse says:

    Also what colors of cellophane were used?

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