Christmas Designs

A Frosty Evening

Matt Hemmele from Northwoods Community Church in Peoria, IL brings us this frosty Christmas evening design.

Main Structure

This was their Christmas set design last year. The design for the decking configuration came from their Technical Director Rick Jerimiah, who used 18″ high wood trussing as the main support for the two layers of decking. It was then covered with 5/8″ OSB. That whole process took around 10 guys about 6 hours to assemble. On the top layer they layed down some indoor ice skating plastic and during the show they had a couple of ice skaters skating around.


The little decorations such as the little silvery trees and silver little accents that surround the two layers and are embedded in the “snow” they bought from Hobby Lobby, Menards, Jeffery Allen, and other art stores. The eyelash fabric as well as the big white stick trees they bought from

Fly In

They had three major fly-ins – two were for an aerialist, and the third was for a manger that they flew down from their fly space.


The stage was lit with 6 Elation Opti Tri pars for primary color wash, 8 Elation Design Spot 250’s for effects and back lighting, and a whole host of ETC source 4 Elipsiodals and Pars.

Check out all the pics from the production.

Dot Matrix Disco Boxes

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  1. Andrea Kronenberger says:

    This is Beautiful! Love it!

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