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A Pirate’s Favorite Letter

Elizabeth Withers from Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia brings us this great combination of acrylic lighting panels and light bulbs.

Lifepoint meets in a high school so they needed a portable staging solutions. So they bought some acrylic lighting panels from Home Depot. Then they cut each sheet into four pieces and popped them into grooves in frames they built. The frames were made out of 1x2s and 2x2s–the base and the sides with the grooves were 2x2s and the crossbeams and supports were 1x2s.

They built the giant “R” in the center of the stage from wood and lightbulbs. They used it for a conference for church planters.

Rays Over Rough Cylinder Cones

One response to “A Pirate’s Favorite Letter”

  1. Spoot says:

    you would think a pirates favorite letter is R, but it’s the C

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