Easter Designs

A Rocky Scene

Tyler Mergy from Cavary Temple Worship Center in Merced, CA brings us this Golgotha look.

They started with the silhouette of Jerusalem. The took 5 sheets of OSB plywood ($8 a piece), cut the silhouette out, and painted it black. With Golgotha, they started with a 2×4 frame and covered it with chicken wire. Then they took Elmers white glue and mixed 1gal glue to 1 gal water and dipped strips of newspaper in it to create a papier-mâché the mountain. Then they cut it vertical into 6-foot sections so they could fit it through a doorway. They sprayed it a flat gray then added more shades with spray paint after they reassembled it onstage. The cross was hung so that I looked like it was on the mountain. Cost: $650.







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