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A Rug and Lamp Show

Jeremy Framstad at Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us this lovely rug and lamp design.

Jeremy pitched the Illuminate idea to a couple in his church that has a knack for scoring big at garage sales about a year ago. A year later they were ready to go. Most of the lamps were purchased for $2 or $3. Lots of them were just donated. They ended up with about 150 lamp. They filled their atrium spaces as well as the stage.

On stage there were fourteen individual dimming channels that the lamps were strategically plugged into. All the lamps had incandescent 40 watt bulbs in them so they could be dimmed. The overhead “lamp drops” were made in house for the specific lengths.

The budget for this set was $450–with a lot of garage sale and Goodwill runs.

Hi Ho Silver The Ghostly Tree

3 responses to “A Rug and Lamp Show”

  1. Frank Waive says:

    U guys inspire me, Jeez!!!

  2. Pip Bickford says:

    I like this take on my design from Illuminate!! Question for ya. Did y’all plug the lamps directly into outlets or run them through dimmers? Also, did you use the same bulbs in all the lamps?

    I wish we could’ve had such a large stage to fill up with lamps! Good news: we’re remodeling our stage right now so we’ll have MANY more designs to come!! (on a larger stage) Great job Jeremy!!!

    Worship Arts Director
    CrossPointe Community Church

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