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A Wake

Ryan VanKampen from Ignite Aurora Youth Conference in Aurora, IL brings us this design for their youth conference theme.

Their theme was Awake. So they tried to incorporate that into their stage design. They made the Awake lettering out of 4×8 polystyrene. The letters were lit from the sides using LED pucks. They spray painted the letters silver, which made them more reflective but also texturized them as the spray dissolved some of the polystyrene. The gym that the event was held in looked like, well, a gym, so they took rolls of black weed block to make a solid black background. They sprayed a light coat of silver paint on the weed block so they could add color to it using LED pucks.

For screens, they had a 12×9 and a 12×12. To get a uniform look, they used the same weed block to cover up the bottom 3 feet of the screen. The screens were hung from the rafters using industrial zip ties. To light the stage they hung 30ft of truss (converted radio towers) from the rafters. On the truss they hung two projectors, 10 led panels, and 16 white pars cans.

Their budget was $110. The only materials they needed to buy were the polystyrene, spray paint, and rolls of weed block (6x50ft).

Flat 3D Quintuple Wide

5 responses to “A Wake”

  1. Jono Thorne says:

    Love it guys! We’re starting a youth church soon at one of our old buildings, but looks horrible, so we’re trying to build a awesome looking stage, similar to yours, for a nearly as small budget, so this is great to see it’s achievable! I love the idea of using Weed Block, did it look good, any shine from it?

    • theRVK says:

      The weed block looked really good. Provided a solid black background on a really cost effective budget. I wouldn’t say it shined, but we were able to get a glow from it when it was uplight by our LED pucks.

  2. Reggie Searles says:

    what font did you use for the awake

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