Christmas Designs

A Warm Hug

The Celebrative Arts Department at The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA brings us this great Christmas stage design that became their winter season design.

They wanted this set to give you a “warm hug” for winter with copious usage of tungsten lighting mixed of course with modern LED fixtures.

They hung “vintage” filament bulbs randomly over the wood panels that were all independently controllable to allow fade effects across all bulbs.

All wooden installations were made by hand on site by a mix of staff and awesome volunteers.

The design and concept was done in Google Sketchup to scale for visualization and to help calculate how much wood to acquire.

The three triangle wood designs included space to insert Elation LED strips. The drum cage front also included these strips and all could be controlled independently with RGB effects.

The “skypans” were painted white on the interiors and a custom incandescent base was installed. All skypans were independently controlled via DMX dimmers for fading and effects (up/down, left/right).

The wood paneling platforms were designed with negative space to allow the skypans to shine through along with LED battens and RGBW washes fixed behind. More LED fixtures at the bases of the wood paneling provided color wash for the front.

For their Christmas services, they used a triple wide 6K Panasonic projector setup to hit their entire side walls for the Christmas logo and a star field.

After Christmas, the trees were removed from the stage and the house bistro lights pulled down leaving the set for the first quarter of 2017 for winter.

They will be building a new set for Easter and the rest of Spring into Summer.


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