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Advent Calendar Doors

Angela Rozek from Shepherd’s Gate in Shelby Township, MI brings us this advent calendar stage design.

They were inspired by a tabletop advent calendar from Pottery Barn for this design. The set changed slightly as the month went on. For example, for December 2nd, they made it appear as though the 1st had been opened but not open enough to see what was there. The doors for the 2nd were wide open and they had a Bethlehem star as it related to the message that day. They continued to do this as the month went on. They opened the doors to the “church” #25 for all our Christmas Eve services for those services Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus were in front of the open church door.

The houses were made from 1 inch foam purchased at Home Depot. The doors were cut and wrapped with wrapping paper. The doors were secured using duct tape to form a hinge. Some of the houses were given a roofline out of foam to provide additional depth. Once all the houses were cut and decorated, they were glued to black Coroplast.

The church was also made of foam. The windows were cut from clear thin plexiglass and then decorated with colored cellophane. The cellophane was glued with mod podge. Strands of white Christmas lights were placed behind the stained glass windows so that the bulbs were not visible to provide backlight. Bamboo skewers were used to prop open doors and secure pieces of foam together.

The mountain was made of Coroplast.

The tall skinny trees and street lamps lining the perimeter of our stage were all purchased at Walmart.

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  1. Prudence says:

    Once you glued the foam to the coroplast, how did you attach it all to the wall? Just by screwing it in?

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