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All Flowers and Sunshine

Nins Evangelista Christ’s Commission Fellowship in Makati, Philippines brings us this very happy stage design.

For their series, they opted to paint a massive mural on a 190×145 inch tarp. They used recycled material as their canvas – using their church’s old tarpaulin wall panels. They stuck ten panels together using rugby adhesive. After they made the canvas, the four of them dove in and drew randomly using pencils first, then painted the mural for 24 hours. After painting the mural they split the tarp in half for the left and right side of the stage.

To make the “TY” logo, they used thin plywood sheets, cutting the T and Y using a jigsaw. They used all-purpose glue and gold glitter to cover the whole surface of the wooden letters. Then they hung the letters in front of the mural tarps using Nylon strings, also leaving a few inches of space between the tarps and the wooden letters for a 3D effect.

Then they added rays of silver glitter on the mural radiating from the TY letters.

They spent about 80-85 dollars for all the mural materials.

Then they used moving head lights and par cans for their stage lighting.

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One response to “All Flowers and Sunshine”

  1. Alvin says:

    Ingenious! Using a recycled material, IMHO, is being good steward of God-given resources. Praise God for you!

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