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All Made of Stars

Chad Pippin from Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, California brings us this design that belongs to a starry night.

They created this set for their series “Philippians : Shining Like the Stars.” All of the hanging light bulbs were 25 watt/12 volt (to keep within fire code) and powered by 2000 watt dimmers. Behind the hanging lights was a 40′ muslin cyc which was lit with around 30 Elation LED Brick 36’s.

They attached crumpled screen mesh to the front edge of their choir steps and color washed it with 4 Elation Platinum Wash LED Zooms. This allowed the choir to still stand on the steps as well as create a pleasing texture behind their pastors as they preached both live and on video.

They also created half walls with crumpled mesh on the sides of the stage and lit them with three Elation LED Brick 36’s per side.

All front lighting was done with conventional PARs. Backlighting of the speaker was done with three Elation Power Spot 700’s.

Topography Shattered String

11 responses to “All Made of Stars”

  1. Jon says:

    Beautifully cheap alternative to a star cloth. Might have to work this into Christmas!

  2. zach says:

    What sort of wires/extension chords did you use to hang the incandescent lights? Where did you buy the chords?

  3. Chad Pippin says:

    This wasn’t in the initial post, but there are two 450 watt transformers that interface between the lights and the 2000 watt dimmers. We had to drop it down to 12 Volts during that process as well. These transformers simply sit up in the cat walk and the light strands terminate from them.

  4. MYRNA says:

    What lighting are you using on your main speaker – how are you lighting him without washing out your background in light (how are you achieving such depth and color in your background without it being washed out and loosing the effect?)

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