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Tanner Lambert from First Baptist Church At The Villages in The Villages, FL brings us this patriotic stage design.

From Tanner: This design was something that started very simple. We didn’t buy anything new for this look, it is all material, paint, flags, lights and other various items we’ve had laying around the church for a while.

This flag was painted three years ago, before I arrived. It has been used on and off since then, but this year we wanted to bring it out and do something new with it. We hung it the same way we’ve hung any of our back wall art. We have a cable running length wise 51FT from wall to wall. It’s tightened, and we hang most of our art with grommets and snap rings. Very easy for installation and uninstallation for quick changes. From this cable we also have a white VOILE hanging from a PVC pipe that is zip tied to the cable as well. Then to stabilize the cable so it does not sag, there are screws in the wall about 1-2 foot apart to that the wire then sits on top of.

I took 4 small American Flags and situated them up on some make shift stands out of boxes. The I placed the larger American Flag and Christians Flag in the mix and up-lit them all with small, Chauvet puck lights.

Then I used our movers we got back at christmas and put some different GOBO’s on the stage and on the flag to really make the flag seem like it was very grunge.

Not a big expense at this point because we are recycling items we have bought in the past and turned the stage into something new with them. Using current or previously purchased items in new ways is not something only a small church can do, but large one as well!

This was for our stage for on Sunday July 2nd for Morning Worship and our Afternoon Patriotic Concert.

Tiled Tube Drop

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