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Angels Watching

Daniel Walmsley from Life Anglican Church in Quakers Hill, outside Sydney, Australia, brings us these gigantic angelic beings.

From Daniel: We desired to create a friendly atmosphere that welcomed people to celebrate Christmas together while at the same time not sanitizing the image of the angels from the Christmas narrative, mystical beings who clearly instill fear into everyone they appear before.

Because the angels were completely made out of white material with a white face mask we chose to keep the remainder of the stage black with no other design elements other than lighting.

We found the design was best lit with three colored lights, one from behind and two led wash lights from in front. This allowed us to create color blends on the angels.

The heads were created by attaching $5 paper masks to a balloon and we paper mache the shape of the head.

The bodies were entirely made of fabric draped over suit jacket hangers with large shoulder flares. The fabric was 3 meters wide which helped to give some thickness.

The wings were made of 3m wide fabric that was staple-gunned to 2.8m dressed pine which we painted black. We folded the fabric as we stapled it to create the pleats.

More specific details can be seen on my website

Peavey Sea Pillared

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  1. Hetty says:

    This is an awesome concept 😃😃

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