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Throwback: Angled Glow Lines

Josh Ferris from Praise Church in Beaumont, TX brings us these tech glow lines for the back of their stage. (Originally posted May 2014)

After researching several LED strip suppliers, they chose for their product quality, customer support, and design assistance. The specific product they used was the RGBWW 5050 ColorPlus. The added warm white LED allows for more subtile colors as well as a pseudo-incandescent look.

Their budget for the entire project was $3k.


The LED shapes were hung on a framework of black aircraft cable. Vertical sections of cable were placed on 4’ centers and anchored to the deck with a 3/8” rated eye bolt. The opposite end of the cables were anchored to purlins at ceiling level with rated purlin clamps (Caddy PHSW6). Turnbuckles were added at floor level to adjust tension. Aircraft cable ends were hand swaged with thimbles.


Since the LED product came in 16’ rolls, all shapes used various combinations of 4’ sections to minimize waste. They used cabinet-grade pine 1×2 and corner brackets for the shape frames; these were painted flat black. The LED strips have an adhesive 3M backing which was adhered directly to the face of the painted frames. Each intersection of LED strip was wired and soldered. To facilitate a quick install, the overall design was done in Adobe Illustrator to scale.

Low voltage

Based on specifications received from Environmental Lights, the “wall” was comprised of 3 zones. Each zone was sourced by a DC power supply and controlled via a DMX decoder. Terminal strips were used to accommodate the number of “shapes” on each zone (each shape required 5 conductors). Currently, the entire backdrop is programmed as one 5 channel DMX fixture. In the future, shapes can be divided into separate channels by purchasing additional power supplies and DMX decoders.


LED strips –
Aircraft cable –|
Purlin clamp –







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