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Most of us are aware of the awesome scenes Camron Ware creates with projectors for churches all over. It’s accomplished simply by positioning projectors against walls in a way that will spread a huge image over the room. Well here’s a video put out by WorshipVJ showing how they accomplished this same effect.

Also, as a bonus, here’s another great example of architectural/environmental projection.

Real Love Now In the Garden

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  1. Scott says:

    What would be the cost of something like this. And what equipment would you need for a smaller church?

    Looks Awesome!!!

    • hi Scott! I'd recommend you check into the cost of 3 projectors that would be bright enough for your room (or less projectors if you think you could accomplish what you're looking for with less)

      If you're going with multiple projectors…I would recommend the Matrox TripleHead2Go to split the computer signal to three projectors. Then all you need is the computer to handle the videos and the program (I recommend ProPresenter).

      Then for videos you could check out

      Hope that helps!

  2. BOGGS says:

    Jonathan, you recommend ProP (and the advanced module, I assume) but do you need frame blending module also to achieve this?

  3. Oscar says:

    what type of projectors do you have and used for the video

  4. Oscar says:

    i have a few question we are in a pretty big church and we wanted to do the same thing that is done in your first video. The pastor wants to show the planets and wants still backgrounds as the picture shows when you click to enter into this page. What are the materials needed to achieve the same effect that is done? and how hard is this to do?

    • Essentially you need something that will go to multiple projectors…A Matrix Triplehead2go is a great option for that…you can use that with ProPresenter. Then you'll want the Edge Blending Module from ProPresenter to get them all lined up and looking sweet. Then you basically just project onto the building walls for your screen. A little experimenting with one projector would probably be the best bet while planning this.

  5. Camron Ware says:

    Thanks for the post Jonathan!

    If anyone has any questions on the best way to accomplish this; shoot me at email:

    I help churches do this every day all over the country; so let me know if I can help!

  6. Brandon says:

    I am looking for some examples of three screens that the middle has the text, etc. and the other two could be set to just provide ambient light.

    Seen anything like this at all? I am thinking one in the middle and two on the side that are not connected and off to the side or set to a different zoom level, etc. so you retain the same colors, etc. but not worrying about the image perfectly stretching across the 3 screens.

  7. Allison says:

    We have all the equipment ready to do this in our small-ish to medium space…and excuse the lame question…but what about the placement of the projectors? I'm not sure where in our space is the best place to put them. How much space do you need between the projectors and your wall surface in general?

    Thank you! :)

    • For each type of projector that distance is different. I would really suggest just playing around with it…you could get the math going…but it might be easier to just turn on the projectors and start moving them around. :)

  8. Chance says:

    I love this stuff, I just officially started as a student media intern with my church and I wish we would get the equipment to do this stuff. They were talking about it, but they discovered we needed a much more powerful projector which knocked it way out of the budget.

  9. James hagen says:

    HI, does the ANTIVJ use VDMX?or PRO P? or something with quartz comp? I would love to try some of the things I saw on there..

  10. Calvin says:

    I have been trying to do Environmental Projection for a few weeks now, but our church doesnt have ProPresenter. Is there a possible way to use EasyWorship for Environmental Projection or even another recommended program?

  11. Carlos says:

    Looks great! What kind of wire did you use to hook up all three projectors to the module? Is it VGA?

  12. Elliott says:

    They have different connections, VGA, DVI and I think HDMI. To the unit they do have a Display port version.

  13. Steven says:

    Looking into arch. projection, any idea how to key out screens, so the video (or image) shooting into the room avoids shooting on screens designated for lyrics?

    • Bradley McVay says:

      I have not personally used the feature, but I know ProPresenter has a feature called “masking,” where you can basically black out areas that you don’t want the projection.

  14. sameer says:

    please man help me in doing this for my church guide me through and through mail me i am all ready

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