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Around the Square

Mark Bodlien from Word of Life Fellowship in Schroon Lake, NY brings us this great squared backdrop.

They had the truss already, so the only additional cost was the backdrop. It is simply made up of foam poster board from an office supply store taped to strings across the back of the truss. They laid it out on the floor and raised the truss up to reveal the backdrop.

The 40 panels cost $30 for a 10 pack. So this project only cost $120.

Design by Brian Hosan. Lighting by Mark Bodlien.

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2 responses to “Around the Square”

  1. John patrmalee says:

    Like it. This fits our basic design. Hang something up and shine light of it, all the better if it will silhouette and shaddow with a cyc behind.

  2. Corey Johnson says:

    Yeah so the string and tape is definitely not working for me. I’ve had pieces come apart twice now. In order to make this deign work, I’m having to punch holes in the poster board and tie the string off. Even though this design is causing me frustration, It’s still pretty rad!

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