Stage Lighting


RFA Church in Raleigh, NC brings us this lighting setup.

Custom Sound Designs brings us the info for this design:

A three-tiered, 45’ wide pipe grid covers the back wall of the stage and provides maximum flexibility beyond the initial installation. The top tier is loaded with (6) Elation Rayzor Q7 LED moving heads and (16) Chauvet Colorado 1 Tri 7 Tour LED color wash fixtures. (4) Elation Lumina Matrix blinders are assisted by (12) vertically mounted Elation Lumina Strip fixtures to provide maximum power lighting to the congregation. The second tier holds (24) Chauvet Colorado 1 Tri 7 LED wash fixtures and (10) Chauvet ColorDash Accents for additional color washes and flash. The lowest tier has (24) Chauvet ColorDash Accents as a cost effective means for additional color and flash.

Hanging above the front edge of the stage are (4) 10’ truss, each loaded with (8) Chauvet Colorado 1 Tri 7 Tour LED color wash fixtures for stage front color wash and Elation Level Q7 flat pars for truss warming.

Farther out in the house is another light bar spanning the full width of the stage. On it are (4) Elation Rayzor Q7s and (4) Elation Satura Spot LED Pro for spot and gobo work. Key lighting is provided by (12) Elation DW Profile fixtures.

On the stage floor are (2) Elation Satura Spot LED Pro fixtures for effect. Facial shadows are overcome with (12) Elation QW Strip foot lights lining the stage front, and (10) MegaLight Baby Color Q-70 fixtures on the floor for upstage bandmembers. Lighting effects are maximized by (2) Reel EFX DF50 Hazers.



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2 responses to “Arranged”

  1. eric says:

    Thats a lot of washes.

  2. That’s Great Job. Washes is the basic lighting for church.

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