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Back and Forth

Lourdes Gonzalez from Iglesia El Maestro in Camuy, Puerto Rico brings us this triple wide projection environment with a cool line element beneath.

They started by converting their three screens into a triple wide arrangement by bringing them together. To do that, they painted their back wall white and created a black frame around it. They also created a trough below the screen so they could hide some lights for their decorative element.

The decorative element was designed by their Director of Worship, Armando Tavares. It consisted of five light boxes and four lines structures, made ​​of PVC panels and illuminated with LED lights.

The total cost of the project was $900 and took 7 days for a team of 10 to build and mount.







Hanging Wood Walls Star Drops

7 responses to “Back and Forth”

  1. Leigh says:

    Looks awesome I really love this and the feel it gives the room

  2. bishop Brown says:

    I need so one who can speak english from your media department. I looked at your stage design on the web and was wondering how did you do a triple projection on your triple screen. Do you use three separate video projectors on one with some kind of splitter.


    • Armando Tavarez says:

      Yes! We are currently using pro presenter 5 with the multiscreen module. To send video to the 3 proyectors we are using a Matrox Triple Head to go. Using vga to cat5 converter we send the signal from the triple head to go to each proyector.

  3. Chad says:

    What white material did you use to line the boxes?

  4. Steve says:

    Looking to do something very similar to this. Can you tell me your ceiling height and stage height? Would also love the dimensions of your screen too. Thanks

  5. Ed says:

    God Bless, like your design, what kind of lights did you install under the black base board to highlight the latter design and boxes? Also are the boxes wrapped in sheets over the wood or how did you make them?

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