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Baller Grid

Zac Darr from River of Life Church in Eastland, Texas brings us this grad of half-spheres for their youth group.

This stage design was for Element Youth that’s meets every Wednesday night. The inspiration was from Big Baller.

Zac started by covering the back wall with black fabric, hung ceiling to floor. Then he used 4 sheets of foam board bought at Lowes ($60). He cut one side off to make it 8×3, a more narrow column. Then he painted the foam board with 2 coats of flat black paint.

He used baby powder to pop lines and make a grid, because he didn’t want to stain the board. Then he used a wet rag to erase all lines except for where it intersected.

Zac bought 500 3” half balls ($118) and used liquid nails adhesive to stick the half balls to board. Then he hung the completed board using clear fishing line. He used 4 Chauvet COLORstrips on the floor to light the boards. He also mounted 6 Chauvet COLORpalettes on a light pole. They used their existing 9’ tall screen with rear projector.

The design took 2 guys about 6 hours total to complete.



Photo Aug 25, 3 05 05 PM

Photo Aug 25, 3 15 12 PM

Photo Aug 25, 3 26 50 PM

Photo Aug 25, 3 35 04 PM

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11 responses to “Baller Grid”

  1. Christine says:

    Where did you purchase the half balls for the project? Also what was the space between the balls?

  2. Zac Darr says:

    Purchased here.

    We placed them 6 inches apart.


    Nice really captivating, please i need some ideal can i mail. i want to do light for my church here in nigeri. i have the pictures.


    What screen do you use.

  5. Reginald Boney says:

    Could you post how you did the stage platform please? Also, do you have instruments on the platform?

    • Zac Darr says:

      You used to have instruments. Guitars and vocals. And drum were off to the left side of stage. But now, no instruments.
      The stage platform was build with 2×4’s and a plywood top. Then used black carpet to cover the wood and held by staples.

  6. Joe Pittenger says:

    How long were the colorstrips? It looks awesome!

  7. DeAndre Morris says:

    Where did you get the fabric?

  8. Charlene says:

    What is the space of light between the sheets of foam board? It shows 3 rectangle somethings.

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