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Brad Berkan from Forest Grove Community Church in Saskatoon, SK, Canada brings us this printed banner panoramic look for their stage.

For their “Faithful Presence” series, the sermons explored ways for them to have an impact in their community. They had a photographer from the church take a beautiful high resolution photograph of the river valley of their city. They then used CorelDraw to break the photograph into 14 panels – with each panel measuring 3 feet wide by 10 feet tall. While doing this, they designed the final project to be hung in a staggered pattern which would fill the 40′ x 14′ back wall.

They sent these edited images to EprintFast and had them printed on heavy vinyl. The finished images were hung on the back wall and lit with LED bar lights form the bottom and flood lighting from the top. The final effect gave the impression of looking out windows on the river valley.

The cost of printing was about $900 for all of the banners, which was the biggest expense of the project (unfortunately printing costs of this nature are pretty high in Canada). On the bright side, the entire project can easily be rolled and reused in the future.

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