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Bar Stacked

Jacob Collins from Discovery Church in Pontotoc, MS brings us this great Coroplast design.

They used corrugated plastic and black duct tape to make the rectangles. Then they made their own drum enclosure, based on the phantom drum enclosure.

Lights were standard RGB lights. Truss lighting was a mix with Chauvet and Elation pro programmable RGB’s.

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3 responses to “Bar Stacked”

  1. Austin Long says:

    This looks awesome!!!

  2. Cole Moorman says:

    Light Setup for this church was:

    Drum Enclosure : 4 Martin Thrill Compact Par 56
    Coroplast : 12 Martin Thrill Compact Par 64
    Truss : 3 Chauvet Ovation E910-FC Ellipsoidals
    8 Eliminator Stealth Wash Zoom

  3. Will Johnson says:

    how did you make them stand up

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