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Bar Stacks

Kory Guy from Trinity Harvest in Fort Worth, TX brings us these towers of linear bars.

They liked the clean look of the Slat Stacks by Spokane Christian Center. Instead of plywood, they used Coroplast and wood pieces for crossbars. They framed out 2×4 wood bases which measured 4x2x9 feet. They placed them 2-feet from the wall then they added an extra foot to accommodate for the lights shooting upwards.

The Coroplast sheet remained whole. They just attached it to the front of the 4x2x9 ft stands, then framed it out and added the wood crossbars to make it look like it had lines.

The hard part was cutting the bars since they didn’t have perfect wood pieces. They had to measure each bar individually and then cut. The bars were attached with wood glue and fine drywall screws going in at an angle to avoid ruining the Coroplast—which they plan to use for another design.

Another problem they came across was the light bleeding out from the side and the panels looked washed out. So they created sides and a top top. They painted the inside of the sides and the top pieces with chrome paint that they had left over to reflect the light back inside the panel as much as possible.

All together they spent about $300 on lumber, paint, Coroplast, and hardware.

2014-02-18 11.09.26

2014-02-18 13.24.14

2014-02-28 18.45.39

2014-03-31 13.36.28 (1)

2014-03-31 13.47.37 (1)


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3 responses to “Bar Stacks”

  1. Joey riggins says:

    Nice clean look!!!
    Good job designers.

  2. LaToya says:

    Awesome! Love my church! Full of creative minds!

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