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Bars on Bars

Daniel Robinson from Worship Center in Lancaster, PA brings us this diffused LED tape set.

The light boxes were created out of 1/4” ply ripped down to 3” strips. Then stapled together to create 3 sides of the box. The inside of the box was then painted white. The front of each box was a 3” strip of Coroplast stapled onto the front.

There was a strip of RGB LED Tape centered in each box. To assure the tape would hold to the wood, thjey hot glue the tape every few feet.

The LED tape was run to 3 different decoders and power supply. One for the back 3 bars and one for each side of the hanging one. Each box was individually controlled. The long boxes in the back were broken up into 3 sections each 12’ long. That allowed for some creative looks. In total, they had 15 light boxes each with 3 channels of control RGB.

Along the back, they took existing light sockets and installed them onto plywood. Each was then run to an individual dimmer for a total of 15. They used 45w PAR 38 incandescent bulbs.

Led Tape:

DMX Decoders:

Power Supply:

This design cost them right around $900 in supplies and about 3 days to build.

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3 responses to “Bars on Bars”

  1. This looks great! What was it that allowed you to control the individual lines under the screen if they were all wired to the same decoder? What lighting software did you guys use for the strips?

    • daniel Robinson says:

      The decoder has 24 Channels of control on it. So 8 RGB Tape lines could come back to it and get individual control. We have a CromaQ Vista 3 software as lighting control.

  2. Mark Anthony Ferrer says:

    Do you have instructions on how to setup the overhead lighting too? I’m completely new to this.

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