Stage Designs


I got to experience this stage design by Jeff Poole from UBC Miami in Florida when I visited them a little while back. Very awesome!

They wanted to recreate the effect from this Hillsong video:

They started with some Reset stage pieces that allowed them a bunch of flexibility in re-arranging the pieces. Then they bought 12 sheets of 3/8″ plywood and a couple of 1.5″ hole saw bits from Home Depot.

They drilled over 1000 holes in the plywood (as evenly spaced as they could). After a coat of black paint they attached Velcro to the wood panels and simply put them in the Reset Frames.

The lighting was achieved by 6 Elation DS-300e moving lights (which they rented) and about 8 Elation OPTI-RGB fixtures used with their hazer. The end result was well worth the 3 days of drilling the holes.

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