Stage Designs

Bible Paged

Eric Crews from Courthouse Road Church in North Chesterfield, VA brings us this Bible design.

They needed a stage design to go with their new series “Bible in 90 Days”. They got 2 inch foam board from Home Depot and bought a foam cutting hot knife. Using a spare projector, they outlined on the foam the #B90DAYS then used the hot knife to cut out the letters. This was cheaper than trying to buy foam letters this size and they had left over foam and the hot knife for future projects.

Then they converted 2 hanging panels from a previous stage design so they could staple printed Bible texts from all over the Bible. They also printed in different fonts and different translations. They printed on old looking paper (yellow/brown) they got at Staples. For lighting, they tested out using Phillips Hue color changing bulbs as a poor man’s DMX system since they don’t change the colors very often during the service.

Seeing Spots Lit in the Round

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