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Biebersong Church

Well it’s official. Easter marks the kick-off of Biebersong Church, the new church pastored by Justin Bieber. And the team was kind enough to share a glimpse at what their stage looks like.

Here’s how the service went down: When the countdown hit zero, Pastor Bieber emerged from the stage in a cloud of smoke, leading the congregation into worship with some original songs. Of note were “One Less Lonely Saint” and “There Are Ü Now (feat. Skrillex)”. Fortunately, there was only one incident of a bra being thrown on stage, but Usher, the head usher, quickly put a stop to that. Worship ended with a slow ballad performed by Bieber alone on a guitar. Ten girls were…slain in the Spirit?

After a quick wardrobe change, Pastor Bieber again took the stage. Before his message, another pastor, Carl Lentz, joined him on stage and prayed for him. He ended the prayer saying, “Don’t forget to own the broment, Justin” – at which they both giggled. We can only assume it’s an inside joke among the two friends. Leaving the stage, they shared a hug that lasted a couple of seconds too long.

Pastor Bieber’s inaugural message was a masterful discussion on substitutionary atonement. At least, we think. We couldn’t really hear it over the sound of thousands of screaming girls.

For the altar call, he told all the unbeliebers in the audience that right now it isn’t too late to say sorry. He asked them all to savor every moment slowly, slowly, and raise their hands if they wanted to make a decision.

The team also gave us a preview of their post-Easter sermon series, designed to get people to come back next week.

While Pastor Bieber doesn’t have plans right now to open more campuses, he did say he’ll never say never.

All the best, Justin. ;-)

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4 responses to “Biebersong Church”

  1. Steven Hall says:

    That must have been incredible to be there for! Glad I’m a beliber!

  2. Tammy Gray says:

    Wow! Is this real?

  3. Sean Cunningham says:

    I hope there’s going to be a Biebersong Houston someday.

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