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Big on Stage

Robert Ward from Portland Christian Center in Portland, Oregon brings us this large stage design.

They started the design with a 22 oz black velour curtain with built in RGB LED’s. The curtain can be programmed to have 8 zones with full control of RGB for each zone. They chose another programming option for their Chrismas concerts which allowed them to use built-in chases, effects and color options.

The design also used cloth columns backlit with RGB LED spots plus commercial white LED twinkle lights. They used 119″ of poly silk–an ideal surface for projection, diffusion and lighting. All fabrics were fire-rated and contained all documentation for their fire marshall.

The upfront costs, although high, were quickly funded from outside sources, without impacting normal cash flow for the church. Those donors saw the benefit to the ministry for years to come.

Note: Present your idea to the congregation. You might be surprised how much people want to help–financially and physically!

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3 responses to “Big on Stage”

  1. James says:

    That looks pretty incredible

  2. Rob says:

    Where did you purchase the starlight curtain? It looks like a large area…I’m assuming it was custom made.

    • Bob Ward says:

      We purchased from Rosebrand. They have offices in L.A. and NYC. The curtain came in two sections, each 24′ high x 42′ wide. It was not inexpensive, but the difference it made in our production was immense. For our church it is a big huge win. I now use the curtain without any LED’s lit. It provides a great backdrop to make any stage elements pop and work effectively.

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