Christmas Designs

Billowy Trees

Micah and Laura Reed from Christian Life Fellowship in Mayville, WI brings us these flowy looking trees.

They created the four back trees out of Coroplast. They stenciled trees and cut them out with a jig saw. Next they made stands for them out of wood and painted the stands black. Then they made the four front trees out of paper.

They used PVC pipe and glued that into wooden crates. Next they cut big circles out of paper and folded them onto the PVC pipe. They hot glued the paper onto the PVC.

They made snowflakes out of foam board and sprayed them with silver glitter. They hung cotton balls on fishing wire and attached them with dabs of hot glue. They hung all the lines of cotton balls to a piece of wood which they painted black. They put white LED can lights on the trees to light them up.

They already had the lights so the total cost was about $50 for the set.







New York Skyline Traditional Projection

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