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Blocked Out

Mike Watson from Coweta Assembly in Coweta, OK brings us this design inspired by a manger and a recording studio.

For the Christmas season they wanted a manger type feel. They knew they had to involve wood to get this look and feel. They went with the pallet type of wall design and expanded it. They bought flooring packs of wood from Lowe’s for the pallet wall itself. It was a lot easier than finding pallets and breaking them apart. They pretty much just opened the packages and cut and stained them to fit.

For the panels, their Tech Director wanted a studio feel somehow integrated as well. They got 4’x4′ plywood and attached a 1″x12″ board down the center to create the gap. They then took 2″x2″‘s and cut them at 3 different lengths: 2″, 3″, & 4″. They were all stained 3 different colors, a redwood, a dark wood, and the natural blond color. Then they started gluing them to the 4’x4’ board until it was completely full of them with random heights and colors throughout.

They added Edisons on dimmers inside the drum enclosure, and gutted an old piano and stuck their Nord inside of it. Total budget was $1,000 not including any lighting.

PVC Over Pallets Glowing Presence

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