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Blocks and Grids

Bob Mitchell from First Church of the Nazarene in Eugene, Oregon brings us this great design that’s easy and inexpensive.

The panels were a standard Natural color Coroplast. They attached squares together to form the towers using 2-inch electrical tape (works better than duct tape).

Then the grids were simply more Coroplast hung with large black paper clips. They bent the clips to form their own hooks.

Add color LEDs or gelled pars and you end up with an interesting, geometric background.





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6 responses to “Blocks and Grids”

  1. James tucker says:

    That is an amazing idea using the large paper clips.

    Where did you get them from ?

  2. Andy Wilson says:

    Looks great! Where did you get the coroplast sheets?
    My OCD would want all of them to line up EXACTLY, did you just measure in an inch each way and pop a hole?

    • Bob says:

      I have the same issues with exactness… Actually I “eyeballed” scoring the board with a push pin and then forced the paper clip through. My rationale was that, with all the variables I was given (curvature of the wall, nail placement from a previous project, etc.) I was just going to pray and go for it and see if I could live with the minor imperfections…I could / did. :-)
      Coroplast can be purchased online. Here in Eugene, Oregon, we have a local distributor and I used a typical sized piece that is readily available and is even discounted if I buy 100 or more.
      Thanks for the question…

  3. Louis says:

    How did you create the square pillars they are so cool.

  4. Domnique says:

    How did you get the light to light the boxes up like that? How did you get them to have a fullness of light

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