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Throwback: Blooming

Laura Blechle from South Telegraph Christian Church in St. Louis, MO brings us this great combination of MDF and fabrics. (Originally posted May 2012)

They started by creating some circle elements using A Circus of Circles as their guideline. They used 4×8 sheets of MDF and hinged them so they could stand on their own.

The smaller circle boards were mounted to a 2×6 to help them stand up. They painted them all creamy white and hit them with lights.

Then they hung colored fabrics matching the artwork. They pulled them together using clips and rope.

Poker Chips Church in the Round

11 responses to “Throwback: Blooming”

  1. Dan says:

    Nice job Laura (and friends).
    I like the way you matched the fabric to the on-screen logo. The lighting really makes it *pop*!

    It looks like the fabric is tied of to the curtain behind it to create the design, is that right?

  2. Dan DeBruler says:

    One more question… With the obvious symmetry in the panels, how did you create the template for cutting this?

  3. The fabric is not attached to the black curtain. There is a black rope that is running across the back of the colored fabrics. They are simply safety pinned to the black rope.

    For the circle template, we referenced the photo layout from “Circle of Circles” and reproduced it on a 4×8 mdf panel (1/2″) using nail and string. The template was then cut out using a plunge router and a circle guide. The first template took four hours to complete. The finished template was then clamped on top of a 4×8 blank mdf sheet. We then duplicated the pattern using a guide bushing with the router bit. Duplicating the pattern took about 1.5 hours per panel. A pair of panels were strategically hinged together to create a free standing panel.

    Note that the dust created from routing mdf is as fine as flour. Care must be taken to wear respitory protection and work in an area that can be easily cleaned with a shop vac.

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks, Laura.

  5. Jennifer says:

    What kind of fabric did you use? I love the way it hangs.

  6. DandG says:

    We wanted to know what type of material you used in the middle. it looks sheer and light weight. This looks amazing by the way :)

  7. Sorry, just now saw the question on what fabric we used. It was just a light polyester type fabric, it had a little stretch to it. We purchased it from Rosebrand.

  8. emil francis says:

    Is there anyway u can have a video clips on ur design,is lovely but did not know d procedure

  9. Arizvett says:

    What is the length and with of the curtains?
    Its says 4 by 8
    Does it mean 8ft

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