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Boarded Up

Josh Hoppe from Ava Assembly of God in Ava, Missouri brings us this Christmas design.

From Josh: This year in the lead up to Christmas we started a series called Follow The Star. Normally we keep a pretty basic stage with a dark grey back wall so we wanted to introduce a little color on stage.

Materials Used

Rough Sawn pine boards 1 inch thick
White wash – 1 gallon white latex ceiling paint
Small squirrel cage filament bulbs
Large 12 inch spiral filament bulbs
2 sheets 2 inch thick foam board
200 ft cloth covered twisted lamp cord
16 lamp fixtures
3 cans red spray paint

We grabbed the wood from a local sawmill for free. White washed it in a 2.5 part water, 1 part paint. Once dried we screwed the boards to the back wall of our stage on a backing structure to hold the board about 2 inches off the back wall.

The hanging bulbs were wired with the cloth covered cord and hung from the ceiling and run in straight lines to the back wall and run down to power.

We are fortunate to have the local high school CNC router available to us so we took the foam board and had our lettering and hanging star cut from the 2 inch foam board. Once spray painted the letters were attached to the board with Velcro to allow some minor adjustments to the layout. The star was taped to the hanging lamp cord and two fishing lines attach it back to the wall to keep it from rotating.

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One response to “Boarded Up”

  1. Carol Sterling says:

    Is there any shot from behind? I’m curious what you have the boards attached to as it seems they are not attached to the wall. I know we’ve had to make our sets movable because we hold modern services in the fellowship hall which is often used for other things.
    I really like this idea!

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