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Bottle Trees

Got a need for some modern art to spruce up a stage or a boring corner of your foyer? Steve Mullins from Barefoot Church came up with this inexpensive stage accent to spice up your real estate. Using 10′ lengths of 3/8″ and 1/2″ rebar from Lowe’s, he got his friend to weld various lengths together to form the branches of the trees. The bottles for the trees were donated by Silver Coast Winery in NC. (I’m sure you can root through some Lutherans’ garbage and get plenty if you can’t get them donated.) I love you, Lutherans! :)

Then Steve welded the trees to some discarded rolling steel bases they found. The tree bottoms could easily be bent into a sturdy tri-leg formation, though. Leave the rebar unpainted for a rustic look and use these bottle trees inside or outside for a cool accent piece.

Jesus turned water into wine…turn wine into art!

PS. Was that Lutheran comment mean? I don’t mean to be mean…I love and have many Lutheran friends. If you’re an offended Lutheran please leave a comment on this page and I shall personally apologize.

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One response to “Bottle Trees”

  1. Allen says:

    What is your back wall made…painted….or lights…I like the purpulish glow effect it has…

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