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Boxed Projection

Mitchel Flynn and Dylan Wilhelm from The Crossing – Keokuk in Keokuk, Iowa brings us this cool projection piece.

Mitchel found these 3 large screens made out of 2×4’s and polyflex in storage at their Macomb campus along with 8 medium size boxes that were hung on the back wall and 8 small boxes. He like the idea of all 3 screens being hung like they were, but wasn’t sure what to do with the medium and small size boxes. Dylan and he came up with the idea of hanging them up on the wall and Dylan suggested they let 4 smaller ones dangle in the air. The set peaces were made and used a long time ago so the only thing they had to do was put new screws in some to make them rectangular again and put the anchors so they were wide, not tall, for the big 3 screens.

Then they pointed an SD Panasonic projector onto the boxes and masked out the areas.











Subtly Lit Plated Hearts

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