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Brick Signs

Becca Matthews from Catalyst in Evansville, IN brings us these faux brick walls with signs atop.

They decided to do a series graphic for each side of the stage. They took two 4×8 brick panels and cut them it half, mounting them side by side on a 8×4 frame. The brick was first spray painted black and then dry brushed with a grey. They then added highlights in white.

The logo was output on an 8×4 non-reflective, outdoor banner material that was then cut to shape and mounted on 1/4 Styrofoam sheet (housing insulation). After drying overnight, it was traced with a hot knife to get the rough edge effect. They mounted the larger part of the logo to one of the brick boards after back lighting it with white Flex mini-led’s.

Behind each graphic, they cut a hole for the wires to go through and plugged into a transformer behind. They used 6-inch bolts to mount the graphic a bit away from the board so that the lighting reflected from behind. Then they arranged the other three panels to the other brick panel, layering them over each other with different size bolts.

Materials cost around 150.00.

They already had the brick panels.
Styrofoam was 12.00 for a 4×8 sheet at Home Depot.
The banner was 65.00.
The LEDs cost 65.00 to install
We used One Stop Powder Coating in Evansville IN (rolls can be found on the internet for appr. 60 per 17ft. roll)
The Paint and bolts were around 20.

Brick panel with highlights.JPG




Bolts .JPG


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