Stage Designs

Broken Lines

CJ Ward from Linwood Church in Sioux Falls, SD brings us this play off straight and broken lines.

They have a difficult stage situation. It’s a multilevel stage complete with stair steps, green carpet, stucco false wall, and the inability to drastically change any of that right away.

They started by using black landscape fabric with glossy white paint scattered over it as the background. Then they added crinkled door screen to provide texture.

They had a church member who owns a foam company and the square pieces of foam they used to create the lines were actually the leftovers from the business. When the foam company cuts pieces out of their foam blocks it leaves one ridged piece leftover that creates a cool shadow effect when up-lit. He donated those scraps to the church so this stage set cost very little.

They used optima led par64s to light their stage and backdrop. They paid $800 for 8 cans, monster DMX control board, and stands.

Cost – screen: $35, landscape fabric: 2 rolls $35: a piece, Foam: free, Lighting: $1,600 (two 8-can packages)






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