Special Event Design

Broken Pillars

Patrick B. Pointer from Manistee Assembly of God in Manistee, Michigan brings us this design for a musical drama.

“Revealed” is a Christian Musical Drama by Patrick B. & Joanie M. Pointer.

This set built for the production was built by 3 men in the church on a budget less than $200, using stage flats that were made of stretched muslin, glued, and painted. The paint was flat paint purchased and donated by local hardware stores in there “Oops, that’s not the right color!” Some stores will give it to you and others for less than $10 a gallon. The edifice was hand carved foam insulation board with zip knives, a few limited chisels, and a small torch. The pillars were made of Sono Tubes used for pouring cement. The broken pillars were cut by hand then, using junk/scrap, the section of the breakage was formed and then covered with masking tape and painted. The stone floor was scrap 4′ x 8′ plywood painted.

Burlap, and other materials were used to make the set have a “ruins” effect. Weeds, vines, and tree branches from local fields were used as fill-ins. The lighting was actually track lighting.

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