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Bubble Wrap Frames

Glen Johnson from Atlantic Beach Assembly of God in Atlantic Beach, FL brings us this combination of fake trusses holding bubble wrap.

Glen took two ideas and merged them into one. Bublé Wrap and The Antitruss.

While Glen used bubble wrap in the middle of his faux truss frame, you could easy stretch any fabric or material between the edges of the truss frame.

The podium was built using PVC pipe, and spray painted with chrome paint. He used two 3/4″ pipes and one 1/2″ pipe (for the cross beams, he cut these at a 90 degree angle with a circular table saw). He used sixteen 3/4 T’s and 8 3/4 caps. He took an old music stand, took the top of it off, and used it for the top part. He also used eight 3/4″ caps for the bottom and the top. Everything was held together by screws.

For the truss frame he used about twenty 3/4″ pipes, about fifteen 1/2″ pipes (cross beams), seventy-two 3/4 T’s, eight 90 degree angled electrical piping, and sixteen 3/4″ couplers. Everything was held together with silver screws.

He then zip-tied bubble wrap to the frames and lit it all with 8 LED fixtures he bought from Ebay.






Dots and Spots Hanging Pallets

11 responses to “Bubble Wrap Frames”

  1. Neil says:

    A lot of stage concepts require big budgets but I love the ones you guys post like this that just require big creativity. Very relevant to “blue collar worship ministries”, thanks!

  2. Jai says:

    Great Job! How did you anchor the trusses to the ground to keep them from falling over? Also, what brand LED lights did you go with? Were they 64’s? They look very bright. Love what you have done there! Thanks.

    • Glen says:

      I didn’t anchor them down because the base is wide enough so . I have the DMX512 LED lights

      • Jai Smith says:

        Thanks Glen, Kinda understand that they were DMX 512. What brand make and model were they and were they the rated at Par 64, Par 56 and so one. The light do not look cheap because of the bright colors. I’ll research the specs,
        just need make and model number. If you would be so kinda
        to help with that info I would be most thankful


  3. Eric McCrorey says:

    How Tall is your stand? and how much did your whole project cost you?

    • Glen says:

      The Stand is about 4 ft tall I just made it to fit me Im about 6 feet tall. The Whole project cost me about 250, but someone gave me the bubble wrap and I already had some of the PVC pipe.

  4. Dustin says:

    Did you make your stand? If so, what all is it made of?

    • Glen says:

      Sorry for the late reply I never got a notice saying that someone commented. The stand is made of PVC pipe and for the stand part i used a metal stand piece. I just painted everything with chrome paint.

  5. PD. Japhet says:

    Helo Glen, please what material is that Bubble wrap?

    • Glen says:

      Sorry for the late reply I never got a notice saying that someone commented. It’s just plan bubble wrap that i got from another church. It’s a 1in bubble, you can go on or even amazon and get the bubble wrap.

  6. enrique Holmes says:

    What were your measurements for the truss??? We’ve just successfully completed the podium!!!

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