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Matthew Sturm from Christ Church of Oak Brook in Oak Brook, IL brings us these awesome PVC bubbles.

Materials used:

10ft PVC Pipe in 4″ 3″ 2″ 1 1/2″ and 1″
Chop Saw to cut the pipe
PVC clear primer
PVC clear heavy duty cement
Lumber to make a platform if needed
LED lights

Please remember that using the PVC primer and cement gives off a lot of vapor, if you are gluing inside make sure that you have proper ventilation!

This will get very heavy quick, they built each column to 4′ in height and built the rest in place.

The Columns were 4ft wide.

For the base row they cut 2″ pipe at 6″ for the base of each column.

Then they cut the rest of the pipe at 4″.

They made the cut pieces into sets of 4″,3″ 2″ 1.5″ 1″ and (most of the time) used each piece before moving on to the next set.

They used the 2″x 6″ pipe for the base of the bottom row, primed/glued them together in a jig and started the next row in the valleys to help with strength. After a couple of rows, they started to not pack them as tightly. This helped with height and time. They used a wall flange with the proper fittings to anchor it to the wall.

20160722_120223.jpg 20160723_152838.jpg IMG_20160719_111555.jpg IMG_24591.jpg 20160711_150535.jpg

Hex Pattern Backed Up

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