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Throwback: Bubblewrap Redux

Van Metschke at South Hills Church in Corona, California brings us a re-imagining of his famously popular, Bubblewrap stage design. (Originally from Aug 2011)

They started the set design with the swirlies painted by their in-house artist, Annie Phipps. She painted it simply with white paint on the flat black wall. Then they took 48” wide bubble wrap  and attached it vertically to the wall with staples. Then they lit it with their Mega-Lite NE Color Wash LED bricks from the bottom.

Caution Light Fingers

17 responses to “Throwback: Bubblewrap Redux”

  1. Tracy Hughes says:

    Wow- that is one of the most creative ideas I’ve ever seen. Kudos! And, I love this website – thanks so much for sharing ideas.

  2. dan bugarin says:

    This is an awesome idea. Love the look. I’m going to have try this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Caleb Baker says:

    Wow. Im going to figure out a way to use bubble wrap now.

  4. Bob Matossian says:

    Very cool

  5. Oziel says:

    Muito bom Temos usado muitas ideias do seu site em nossa igreja aqui no brasil e somos muito abençoados com sua criatividade

  6. I like the bubble wrap for sure, but personally I’m in love with the flourishes!!!

  7. How wide is your bubble wrap? and where did you get it?

  8. Jacob Meyer says:

    do you have a graphic you can email for the flowers?

  9. PAM SEAMAN says:

    We love this look. So creative and very cool! We were wondering what type of light board you use.

  10. Nike says:

    Love it! Who knew bubble wrap could create such a beautiful effect.

  11. Deb Parish says:

    Wanted to know if you covered the whole wall with the bubble wrap.

  12. We did the bubble wrap set before. Thanks so much for another idea. We always have to adapt it because we have strange dimensions for our stage but this is fanastic! This website and others ideas are a great inspiration and catalyst for ideas that we use!

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