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Bucket Mountains

Zach Merritt from Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, CA brings us this great design.

From Zach: This design was inspired by the Christmas series we are doing, Go Tell It! The logo and advertising material were all triangle based and so I wanted to try to fit in with that general theme. I found this fantastic old reclaimed white wood in a storage shed and decided to build a wall centerpiece with it. I had a few light bars and used those to cast onto the wall. It looks beat up and it catches color in a really nice way.

As for the trees, the edge trees are about 8 feet tall and 3 or 4 feet wide. They are normal 2×4 so we needed to add a base so we just used some thicker plywood.The coolest part of the trees is how they are naturally partitioned. They have a piece of 2×4 inside that separated the light creating the look of multiple trees in one. For lighting we hot glued LED tape to the inside of each triangle and ran it to a pack for individual control. We took corrugated plastic and put it onto the back to catch all the light that would escape through the back and for the front we put acrylic to make the light disperse evenly, to give the colors a more rich look. Then we used string lights poking through on the very left and right hand sides.

And finally, the hanging lights are buckets that are painted white on the inside with a cool Edison style bulb lighting it. Using reused materials is a constant tool for a student center on a tight budget and we were able to do this entire design for about $500.

That Rugged Cross In Pieces

3 responses to “Bucket Mountains”

  1. Jay says:

    This is an awesome design! Shout-out to y’all for the vision and execution of it. I want to try it this year at my church. Can you give me a little more insight on the buckets. Is it essentially a bucket light? If so, any tips on hiding cords running from the bucket?

  2. Wilfredo Cuevas says:

    Hello, what type of acrylic use it? The picture look like a some kind of paper and you are using a knife to cut it. You can tell me what type of acrylic you used and where I can buy it?

  3. Maureen says:

    I’m with Jay! This is awesome! Do you have anymore info?

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