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Corey Johnson from Faith Church International in Farimont, WV brings us these roman shade variations.

Corey used a type of roman shade variation called a fan shade. He ordered 90″ wide unbleached muslin. He used 1″ x 2″ boards for his header and used upholstery strip to help in stapling the fabric to the board (this helps to create a clean line and prevent ripping). From there he hand sewed curtain rings to the back side of the fabric up the middle starting at 24″ from the bottom, then every 10″ following for a total of ten rings. For the bottom hem, he used stitch-witchery, which saved a lot of time.

Then, using a zip tie, he gathered all of the rings, creating the fan shade. He used LED par cans behind the fabric panels and also in front. This made for some cool shadows and color blending.

Total spent: $120.

Overhead Squared Away

One response to “Bunched”

  1. I have done something like that with a 60″ fabric. I used a carpenters spring clamp to hold the fabric. Corie this is much better orgnized with the loops, I just took a hand full of fabric and clamped. Mine worked good with up and down light as well as stright ahead. Now that i have LED lights I may try this again. I like the two beam effect

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