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Cardboard Carving

Joyce Schonsheck from St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Walled Lake, MI brings us this cardboard Easter look.

This no cost, high impact design set the stage for their Lenten season focused on the life and suffering of our Savior.

Simple Cardboard…
Large pieces of corrugated cardboard were collected at the local RV dealership where the receive shipments of parts wrapped in large pieces of cardboard.

Enlarging Design….
They used an overhead projector to enlarge the design. Then drew the design with fine tip marker on to six boards.

The process is simple but impactful. Using a box cutter, they cut into the top layer of cardboard and then pulled and carved out to expose the corrugation.

To get the perfect circle of the crown of thorns, they projected the image on the wall to help with placement. The cardboard was hung much like a picture using a string across the back and a nail in the wall (a Command hook could have also been used).

So much meaning to the project: The Hanging was made with six pieces of cardboard to represent the six weeks of Lent. Each week that they observe Lent helps them gain a picture of the sacrifice that our Lord made. The engraving of the crown of thorns was done by cutting away the top layer and exposing all the bumps and imperfections underneath. That symbolizes what happens during Lent….we look inside and repent of all the bumps and imperfections that sin causes. It is Jesus that made a way to make our lives beautiful. It included a whole lot of suffering (including the crown of thorns) and even death. Leading them to a true celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday!

Cost: $0

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    Love, love, love!!

  2. Pamela Taylor says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE … (from Traverse City!)

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